Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall .


It is indeed okay

“Smile , ………. smile often you can do it Leah….you can .You will come out of this .Believe in yourself ,you will definitely come out of this i am telling you.This is not the end of your life,its just a part,just apart,just an experience,a lesson….you will come out of this believe me you will. ……..Its OK, IT IS INDEED OKAAYYYY… get hurt,to feel bad……it is OK to feel bad about yourself,about others ,IT IS OKAAYY….Listen….this is not going to determine or shape your future….never allow it to  narrow and shatter the big dreams and hopes that you have about life.

See there will be times in your life when you don’t feel like waking up in the morning and just want to fall into sleep again, just doze off so that you forget everything but the moment you wake up you are still there,the same pain ,the same,guilt,the same regret and the pain of your heart which is so close or much more than physical….I am telling you its not common but its OKAY…. You try to start doing things,you fail,go back do it again… move a little forward ,try to forget things and it …..the memories…… especially the bad ones has a funny,crooked and cruel way of returning more strongly….but still you try , you endure the pain and move forward………thats how it is….you overcome…those small steps that you take …step by step…you fall many a times but still move on …….Yes it is perfectly a normal phase of your life……the struggle to survive anything that life throws at you …..more importantly it is part of the God’s wonderful plans working for you …….yes definitely it is …….definitely you will come out with flying colors ……sure, guarantee”

She moved back slowly and gracefully gazing at Leah who was staring at her with tears overflowing that wet her whole face ……and finally vanished into the darkness….Leah tossed her head on all sides searching but she could not find .Suddenly she opened her eyes and saw the same darkness in front of her .She moved her hands under the pillow searching for her phone,it was 2 am ……no it couldn’t be ……it was so real …so close, so much related to her life, the words were exactly what she desperately wanted at this point of life… couldn’t be a dream …..can dreams be so real and serve the need of the is that possible?

She tried to remember the face of that beautiful woman who was talking to her ….but she failed ……but when she was there the entire room was filled with so bright white light like she has never seen and an unimaginable amount of peace filled her like she has never experienced ….yes it was still there even after she left ….By the thought of an impulse her hand fell on the box of bible verses ,took out the random slip that she got ” The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. psalms 34;18″.A tear drop fell on her cheek and her lips whispered “AMEN”.