Tips To Love Books and Reading.

1)Choose short and simple books. Go for short books so that it gives you a satisfaction of finishing books which urges you to read more and in fact allows you to read more. Lay hands on simple and less complicated books and also ensure that the letters are not too small to read so that... Continue Reading →

BOOK REVIEW: And the Mountains Echoed ,Written by Khaled Hosseini.

The story is basically about a brother and sister- Abdullah and his younger sister Pari- who shared a very intimate bonding until they had to be separated due to certain reasons-the so called situational pressures- and the consequent void they experience in their life following this separation knowingly or unknowingly.The book progresses with the ways... Continue Reading →

Thoughts On Marriage.

Being posted for transplant duty is something i love because you get only one patient whom you have to take care and if the patient is stable...means if there are no urgent health issues for the patient , after finishing the routine works like giving medicines ,food ,ambulating the patient etc,you are free. So here... Continue Reading →


That was a thursday and i was starting with my nightduty on that day.I woke up by around 8:30am freshened up myself and went down to see what was there for breakfast(i should tell you here that i am living in a hostel.So by going down i mean going down to the dietry) I had... Continue Reading →

For all girls out there…..

Dear girls At least once in your twenties you need to take yourself for a SELF DATE...... Choose a random day when you are free,dress up well so that you are confident enough and just move out.Preferably don't take any transport but just walk.Feel the nature,feel the air,the wind,the sunlight ,the dust,the smoke and even... Continue Reading →

Move on

You are allowed to fall down,breakdown and cry but you are not allowed to stay there..... Get up ,dust yourself off wipe your tears and start moving forward.....though slowly.Take your time with those baby steps that sets you in motion but make sure you don't stay stagnant..

Let it go No matter how much ever you try you will end up losing certain things in life. It could be a job,a fortune, a person, a relationship or certain moments or phases in life. It could be anything. No matter how much you loved them,how much you wanted them, how much you fought... Continue Reading →

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